You can manage your Mention's notifications directly from your Settings in the tab Notifications. These preferences are specific for each team member.

There are different types of notifications:

The Mention Spike

You can set up Mention Spike notifications as an email and SMS message. This notification will be sent when you receive more mentions than expected.

We consider a 'Spike' in mentions when the number of mentions gathered during the current week is abnormally larger than the previous week, using a statistical model that takes into account typical hourly and daily fluctuations.

You can select how sensitive you want your spikes to be. Your options are:

  • Important increase: when your alert’s activity is much higher than it's normal patterns.

  • Very important increase: when the deviation in activity is huge – we are talking big things happening.

👉 Learn more about the benefits of Mention Spike .

The Alert Notifications

You can stay updated by receiving the top mentions for your Alerts at the frequency of your choice.
If you have several Alerts, you can choose to group its into one update e-mail or receive its separately. You can also choose the frequency and how you want to be notified (desktop messages, SMS or email).

Respond & Publish Notifications

If you are using our Social Media Management features, you can also define how you want to be notified when you receive a new message, when someone assigned a conversation to you or when you have updates on your posts.

Unsubscribe Notifications

You can disable all notifications at once either from all marketing emails and/or Mention's notifications.

❗️Be aware that if you switch off all emails and sms notifications, you won't receive any more messages regarding your activity on Mention.

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