If you are searching for particular content in Mention, having the possibility to filter your Mention's Feed in multiple ways can be really helpful!

When it comes to filtering, you can either do it quickly by Source or use the Filters button for even more specific searches:

When you click on the Filters button, you can tick what you want to see in the results between all the available options:

1. Time Period

You can filter on a specific date or by Today, Yesterday, The last 7 days, Last week, The last 30 days or Last month.

2. Folders

You can select mentions from Inbox, Trash, Archive or Spam folders.

3. Order by

You can order your mentions by date or Influence (higher Influencer Score first).

4. Group Mentions

If the same content is shared or retweeted several times the mentions will be grouped. The blue box shows you the number of similar mentions. You can ungroup the mentions to see them individually in your feed by selecting « Don’t group mentions »

5. Sources

You can filter by all the type of Sources available (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Forums, Blogs, News, Web...)

6. Languages

You can select one or several Languages.

7. Countries

You can also select one or several Countries. Be aware that some mentions, especially on social media, do not always have location-related information.

8. Tags

You can filter by a Tag you have created in Tag Settings.

9. Influence Score

You can define a minimum or maximum Influencer Score.

10. Sentiment

You can filter by Sentiment: positive, neutral or negative.

11. Status

Filter by mentions you add in favorites or the unread ones.

Once you have selected all your options, you just need to click on Apply Filters and you will get a personalized view!

If you want to save these filters for your whole team, don't hesitate to use a Saved Filter.

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