Now that you have started collecting data from your Alert it is time to get the bigger picture through our Reports! Mention Reports are a great way to view a macro recap of the content from your feed or social media platforms. Mention offers a total of 10 distinct reports in the platform.

Depending on your Mention subscription, you will be able to create specific Reports with the ability to format precise features such as time period, language, country location, sources, and more!

On your Mention navigation bar, you will find the Reports button. It will be the first button under Analytics. There, you will find two types of reports options:

Data Reports:

Data Reports provide an overview of mentions from your Mention Feed. With these reports, you will be able to view KPIs such as: volume of mentions, sentiment, reach, etc. Mention offers 4 Data Reports in the platform.

These reports, with the exception of the Build Your Own Report, are created using a template provided by Mention! They are quick and easy to build which will allow you to analyze your data in the quickest possible manner.

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Social Account Analytics Reports

Social Analytics Reports offer an overview of social accounts that you or your team connect to Mention. Mention offers 6 types of reports for Social Account Analytics for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram's platform using pre-made templates.

The Social Account Analytics Reports are broken into two formats:

  • Social Analytics Reports: an individualized report for your personal social account

  • Comparative Analytics Reports: a comparative view of any public social account

❗In order to create a Social Analytics Report, you will need to grant mention access to your data by connecting your Social Account!

🧠 You do not need to connect any social accounts to the Comparative Analytics Report. With this report, please feel free to search any public accounts or public business pages. This is a great report to use if you want to compare the social handles of your competitors!

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