Respond helps you answer to your social community by centralizing all of your social inboxes in one tool. All direct messages, posts, and comments related to your connected social accounts will appear in your Respond inbox. Within the inbox, you’ll be able to manage and respond to conversations as a team. You’ll never lose track of what you need to answer again!

Respond’s main screen is your inbox. It’s where all of the conversations are grouped by social accounts.

A conversation is an interaction that users have with your account and your content. Respond supports:

  • Direct messages with your Facebook page and Twitter account
  • Posts made on your Facebook page
  • Comments on the posts of your Facebook page

Each time one of your community members engages with you using one of these channels, it will create a conversation in your Respond inbox.

Then, you are able to answer the conversation directly from Respond!

Each conversation can be assigned to a team member and closed when you feel that you have properly answered to the user.

Benefits for you and your team

  • Save time by keeping your social inboxes centralized
  • Never miss a conversation about your community
  • Always answer the appropriate content by collaborating with your team


  1. One of your community members reaches out on one of your social accounts
  2. A conversation is created in Respond and your team is notified
  3. The conversation is assigned to the team member in charge of the user’s request
  4. Your team member answers a conversation and closes it when the user is satisfied
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