When you create an Alert search, Mention will fetch data and categorize your data into different Sources. Mention will classifies data into Sources based on the information provided by websites directly.

Learn about the Sources blow:

The Sources monitored by Mention are:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Forums

  • Blogs

  • Videos

  • News

  • Web

  • Radio & TV

  • TikTok

  • Pinterest

  • YouTube

As stated before, Mention will classify your data based on the information by the websites. In some cases, the information is not provided by the website.

Mention will use the Web source for all websites that did not match with the News, Blogs or Forum criteria. For other sources that do not have a specific Source provided, Mention will use Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence). Our technology takes a look at several specificities of the website, like its structure, the lexical field, etc. We compare this information with known websites.

Let’s go deeper into each Source to better understand what results you can get!

★ Facebook

Mention can monitor Facebook business pages! We will match your keywords to the post and fetch that content in your Feed.

We are not able to track personal posts in Personal profiles or Facebook Groups, according to the Facebook Data Policy.

Please note that the Facebook Source is limited to the Company Plan. However, the Facebook Monitored Pages feature is available on all plans!

👉 Find out more information about Facebook monitoring here.

★ Instagram

Instagram posts from business pages or public profiles are shown in your Feed when they match your keywords. You can search for words, hashtags, or handles. However, the comments in these posts are not fetched, neither are the stories.

👉 Find out more information about Instagram monitoring here.

★ Twitter

You will find in your Feed the tweets and retweets that match the keywords that you have set up in your Alerts.

★ Forums

You will find mentions coming from Forums in the Feed. This will include both posts and comments.

Mention classifies Reddit as a Forum. If you are interested in crawling that website, you can do so by turning on this specific Source!

★ Blogs

You will find mentions coming from Blogs posts in your Feed too. They are tracked based on your keywords search appearing in the title or body of a Blog post.

★ Videos

You will find video mentions in your Feed when the main content of the page is a video.

★ News

You will find the mentions coming from News pages in your Feed. They are tracked based on your keywords search appearing in the title or body of the articles. The comments for News sites won’t appear as mentions.

★ Web

If a mention is not categorized as a News, Forum, or Blog mention, then we will fetch it as a Website. Mention will crawl this source using your keywords search in the title or body of a post. The comments or reviews for Web won’t appear as mentions.

★ Radio & TV

You can get mentions from Radio & TV Shows if you subscribe to this option in your Company plan. This option is only available for mentions coming from the United States and Canada.

Do you know already what are the Sources that you want to monitor?

★ TikTok

Mention will fetch content from the TikTok platform if your search query matches a TikTok's description! We will bring TikToks directly into your feed for you to view.

👉 Learn more about TikTok monitoring.

★ Pinterest

Pins from Pinterest will be brought in if they match your search query. Mention will also fetch the URL of online postings that use the Pin in their page.

👉 Learn more about Pinterest monitoring.


Mentions will be brought to your feed if your search query matches the title or description of videos on YouTube. You will be able to directly view the videos in your feed.

👉 Learn more about YouTube monitoring.

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