Publish allows you to easily schedule content across your Social Media channels. To begin using scheduling, you will first need to connect your Social Profiles to the Mention platform. From there, you will be provided different features to enhance your online posting capabilities!

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Connect your Social Account

If you have already connected any Account to Mention, Publish will automatically start working with your connected Account! If you click on the Publish tab, you will automatically see your Social Media calendar.

If there are currently no Social Accounts connected to the Mention tool, you will be offered the option to directly connect your first Account by clicking on the Publish tab:

Once your first Account is connected, the calendar will appear and offer you the option of adding more Accounts at the bottom left if your subscription allows:

Publish Team Management

If you would like to use Publish with multiple Team Members, the best method of connecting your Accounts is through the Social Accounts Settings. From there, you can share access to those Social Media Accounts to the Teammates of your choice.

❗️Providing your Teammates with access to Accounts will allow them to curate posts for that Social Media Account on their Publish tool within their Mention profile.

Your first scheduled post

Once you have at least one Social Profile added to Mention, you can curate your posts!

To do so, you can either click on the calendar date and time that you want to post on or press the Compose button at the top right:

❗️Regardless of what you choose, you can always edit the time of the post when you are in the composer. Please note that the calendar coincides with the timezone of your Account. You can view the timezone of your Mention account in your Account Settings and make adjustments as needed.

★ Schedule a post from a Calendar slot

Once you choose to curate a post from a calendar slot, you have to follow these steps:

1. Choose a Social Account to post from:

From there, you can enter the composer.

2. Write your post in the Post Content part of the composer:

3. Preview your post in the way it appears for the chosen Social Media platform. The composer will preview text along with the links or attachments you include in your post. Furthermore, the composer will let you adjust the time and date of your post if you would like to make changes.

★ Schedule a post from the Compose button

If you choose to create a post directly from the composer, then don't forget to select a date at which you want to schedule it!

You can then follow the same steps previously explained.

Once you are all done, you can schedule your post and it is ready to go! Now, you can organize your Social Media Calendar within the Publish tool. To stay on top of all your posts, you can turn on Publish notifications to view when your posts go live!

★ Draft a Post for Future Scheduling

If you are not ready to post your content, or would like a team member to review the post before scheduling, you can save your post to your drafts!

To do this, please follow the same workflow of crafting your post in the Composer. However, instead of scheduling , click on the Save Post To Draft button at the bottom right hand side of the Composer.

Your draft will not post until you review it and approve it. To find a list of your drafted posts, you can click on Drafts next to your Compose button in the calendar! There, you will see a list of all drafts for social accounts you have access to regardless if you created the draft or not.

Please note that a drafted post can be viewed by your team members who have access to the Social Account. If you would like a team member to review your post and schedule it, they must have access to the social account!

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