When you first log into Mention, the platform will directly offer you to create a new Alert. An alert is the set of keywords and settings you defined to monitor your topic.

It is important to make sure you know how to get back to it to make your alert evolve with your needs.

This option is available for Administrators and Users, but not for Guests, who have read-only access.

👉 Learn more about Users' Permissions here.

On the Feed, the left column will show you all the Alerts created and shared with you. Next to its name, you will a blue button labeled Edit. Click on it.

The new screen will show you various categories. Depending on the type of Alert you are working on, the categories will change:

★ On a Basic Alert

On a Basic Alert, you will have access to the following categories:

  • Alert settings, with the possibility to customize the title and description, share it with other team members, and change the color associated to it. You can also delete the Alert from here, for yourself or for all the team. Also, you can configure Languages and Countries.
  • Keywords search, to have access to your different keywords module (required, optional, and excluded).
  • Website & social profiles, to add your different monitored pages.
  • Exclude websites, to prevent non-relevant mentions to appear in your feed.
  • Tags management, to manage your manual and automated tags.

On the bottom of the Alert Settings page, you will find the possibility to add your Alert to a Slack channel, generate an RSS feed, or find some help.

★ On an Advanced Alert

On an Advanced Alert, you will find:

You will also find the possibility to add your Alert to a Slack channel, generate an RSS feed, or find some help at the bottom.

❗️Please note that, if you modify an existing Alert, the mentions collected until you do the changes remain the same. Removing or deleting content from your Feed does not give back your Quota.

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