The Quota in your Mention Account is the fixed number of mentions that you can receive every 30 days.

Every mention received on your Feed is deducted from your Quota. Once a mention is collected, it remains in your account even if you move it Spam or Trash. Please note that removing or deleting content from your Feed does not give back your quota.

If your Mention account exceeds its quota limit, Mention will stop fetching content until your 30 days cycle resets. If you alter your subscription to a different plan, your 30 day quota cycle will also reset!

For quota exceeded, you have the following options:

  • (Solo, Pro) - Wait until the 30 day cycle resets or upgrade your plan to a larger quota limit!

  • (ProPlus) - Wait until the 30 day cycle resets or contact the Mention Support team to discuss an account upgrade to the Company Plan

  • (Company Plan) - Wait until the 30 day cycle resets or please reach out to your dedicated account manager to discuss quota adjustment

👉 Need help to set up a structured alert to consume fewer mentions? Read this article!

Mention Subscriptions

If you have a paid plan with Mention, you have unlimited archive data so you can always view any mention that was fetched into your account.

If you are on the Free plan, you only have 30 days worth of archived data. Mentions older than 30 days on the Free plan remain archived but they are not visible in your feed unless your plan converts to a paid plan.

Quota in the Mention Feed

Quota consumption will be displayed on your Mention navigation bar. It will be the percentage shown on the bottom left-hand corner of your page. Once the percentage hits 100%, your quota will be consumed for that cycle and you will need to wait until it resets.

If you click on the percentage, it will bring you to your Quota page in Settings:

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