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Explore Analytics Features in Mention
Explore Analytics Features in Mention

Learn how Mention Analytics can benefit you and your team.

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Throughout your account, you will have access to analytic features that will provide data insights regarding the performance of your alerts. In this article, we will teach you about the multiple analytic features available to you:

📖 In this article, we will teach you about the Analytic features built into your Mention Account. Before we begin, we recommend reading this article on the metrics that Mention fetches:

View Alert Performance with the Mention Dashboard

When you login to your Mention account, you will be brought to the Mention Dashboard. By default, the Dashboard will provide an overview of all of your alerts in the past 7 days. You have the option of reviewing the performance of specific alerts from the past day, 7 days, or 30 days.

The Dashboard is divided into quantitative metrics at the top of your dashboard and visual graph metrics at the bottom:

We recommend using the Dashboard as your launchpad whenever you login to your account. Once you've reviewed your Dashboard, you can go to the Feed to review mentions or head over to the Analytics tab to engage with the metrics a bit further.

📖 Once you are ready to access the Mention Dashboard, check out this article:

Metrics Available in the Feed

Within the Feed, Mention will provide the following metrics for your mentions:

  • Sentiment: every new mention that you receive will be analyzed by Mention's internal sentiment algorithm. The algorithm will determine if the mention is positive (green dot) , negative (red dot), or neutral (no dot).

  • Influence Score: the influence score ranges from 0-100 and it will determine the popularity of content in your Feed. The score will help you determine the influence of websites and social media pages.

Within the Feed, you can use these quick insights to understand the context of your mentions before you read the main articles or social media posts.

📖 These are just a few metrics available to you. For a full list of metrics that Mention fetches, please check this article out:

For general information regarding the Feed, head over to the Mention Feed Folder.

Review the Performance of Social Posts in Publish

On Publish, you and your team can review performance analytics for social media posts published from the Calendar. Post Analytics will appear on your Content Calendar within 1 - 1.5 hours after the post is published and the analytics will refresh every 24 hours.

To view these analytics, you and your team can click on any published post and open the analytics menu:

With Post Analytics, you can:

  • Review the performance of posts from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

  • Compare the analytics from the current day and previous day to view the variations of your post's engagement.

Once you understand the performance of these posts, you and your team can strategize accordingly to boost engagement for future publications!

📖 If you would like to access Post Analytics in your account, please check out these articles:

For general information regarding Publish, head over to the Publish Folder.

Create Visualizations with the QuickCharter

QuickChart will allow you to create graphs using data from your Alerts. Through the QuickChart, you can view specific metrics that interest you about one or multiple alerts:

With QuickChart, you can:

  • Choose the metrics and visualizations of an alert that you would like to see. You can also apply filters to view specific pieces of data.

  • Compare data from multiple alerts using unique graphs that are designed for cross-analysis such as double bar charts, pie charts, and more.

  • Save your visualizations as a PNG.

  • (Company Plan) - Import your graph into your Data Reports.

You can utilize QuickChart when you want to rapidly view any metric that interests you. You have the ability to create a graph in seconds, which will save you valuable time that can be utilized to observe and review the data from your alerts.

📖 Once you are ready to access QuickChart, you can review these articles:

For more information on Analytics, head over to the Analytics Folder.

Data Reports & Social Analytics

Mention Reports are interactive dashboards that will provide a full overview of data metrics fetched from one or multiple alerts in your account. These reports are divided into the two categories:

  • Data Reports: these reports will display graphs using data directly from your alerts. You can directly engage with the data from these reports, apply filters to your graphs, or adjust the visualization of the metrics.

  • Social Analytics: these reports will extract data directly from social media to display the performance of accounts from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can use these analytic reports to view the performance of your social accounts, competitors, or any brands that interest you.

In total, there are 11 reports that you can create with each report offering a unique template that will display your metrics accordingly. Below is an example of a Competitive Report that can be built using Mention:

Through these Reports, you can review multiple metrics of data that will help you and your team create informed decisions about your brand strategies. Here are some ways that Reports can benefit your team:

  • Analyze trends regarding your brand, products, or services and build quarterly review dashboards to share with your team or clientele.

  • Compare the sentiment and perception of your brand amongst your multiple competitors.

  • Review the performance of your online and social campaigns and determine new strategies for the future.

  • Share the list of media press hits from your Alerts directly to your clients, team members, or stakeholders.

  • Use social analytic reports to analyze the performance of your social media posts and the post published by competitors.

  • Export your reports in multiple formats.

  • (Company Plan) - share your dashboards with ease via email.

Reports in Mention are a core analytic feature that serve as an extension to your monitoring needs. Once mentions are fetched through your alerts, you can utilize Reports to hone in on the major conversations regarding the topics you are monitoring.

📖 Once you are ready to build and interact with your Reports, please check out these article:

For a full overview of Reports in Mention, head over to the Analytics Folder.

Influencer Table & Influencer List

The Influencer Dashboard is your discovery tool to find the top spokespersons that are mentioning your keywords:

The Dashboard is divided into two sections:

  • Influencer Table: the table will provide you with a list of authors from the web and Twitter that are utilizing the keywords you are monitoring. Within the table, you will also see metrics regarding the author's influence and reach.

  • Influencer List: you can organize authors from the Web and Twitter directly into one list. On top of this, you can add URLs from the Web or Twitter into your List as well.

The Dashboard is built using data from your Alerts. If you have an alert dedicated to your personal brand, you can utilize the Table and List to identify authors that you want to collaborate with for future campaigns.

📖 Once you are ready to access the Influencer Dashboard, check out these articles:

Thank you! If you have any questions regarding Analytics, please contact [email protected].

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