In this article, we'll go over the concepts and terminology you'll need to understand the alert setup and the Feed feature.

What is an alert?
An alert is a subject that you want to monitor. It can be your brand, your product or any subject of your choice. It's based on keywords that will be monitored to find mentions about the subject.
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What is a mention?

A mention is any content that contains the keywords you're monitoring. It can be a web article, a tweet, a post on a social platform or any type of content.

What is an advanced alert (boolean)?
Only available for Enterprise plans

The advanced alerts or boolean alerts use the boolean language to allow you to monitor more complex subjects. Unlike basic alerts that are based on a few keywords, advanced alerts can be used to monitor as many keywords and association of keywords as you want. You can also use special operators to be even more precise in your search.
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What is the Feed?
The Feed works like your email inbox. It contains all the mentions from your different alerts, that you can open and view each directly in Mention. It also allows you to manage your mentions: share, mark as favorite, delete, label, put in a folder etc.
→ Learn how to manage your feed (not available yet)

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