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Key concepts and terminology about alerts, mentions, and your feed

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In this article, we'll go over the concepts and terminology you'll need to understand the alert setup and the Feed feature.

What is an alert?

An alert is a subject that you want to monitor. It can be your brand, your product or any subject of your choice. You can think of an alert like a "project" that you build to help you track the topic and keywords you're interested in! Mention offers 3 types of alerts depending on your subscription.

Learn about the Basic Alert - available on all plans!

Learn about the Standard Alert - available on Pro Plus and Company Plans!

Learn about the Advanced Alert - available on Company Plans!

What is a mention?

A mention is any content that contains the keywords you're monitoring. It can be a web article, a tweet, a post on a social platform or any type of content.

What is Boolean Language in the Standard and Advanced Alerts?

The Standard and Advanced Alerts utilize boolean language to conduct their monitoring in a complex manner. At this time, the Basic Alerts offer a low number of keywords to monitor. Alternatively, the Standard and Advanced alerts offer a larger bandwidth of keywords plus the ability to create complex associations of your search terms. Utilizing special operators, these alerts will provide you with the capability of creating unique search combinations for an advanced level of monitoring online!

What is the Feed?

The Feed works like your email inbox. It contains all the mentions from your different alerts, that you can open and view each directly in Mention. It also allows you to manage your mentions: share, mark as favorite, delete, label, put in a folder etc.
Learn how to manage your feed

What are Tags?

Mention Tags allow you to organize the content that appears in your Mention Feed by categorizing your mentions into subfolders. Mention offers the ability to manually tag mentions or you can program an automatic tag to categorize mentions by specific keywords.

What are Saved Filters?

In the Mention Feed, you can filter your content by specific segments such as language, date, or sentiment. If you have a specific filter that fits your needs, you can save it as a Saved Filters. Saved Filters will appear as extra folders in your inbox which allow you to switch between different views of your feed with ease!

What is Quota?

Quota is the fixed amount of mentions that you can receive within a 30 day period. Whenever a mention appears in your feed, your quota will be deducted. If you consume all of your quota, you will not fetch any mentions. However, your quota will reset every 30 days!

What is a Spike?

A Spike is a notification that Mention can via email or SMS text message when our system notices a large influx of mentions appearing in your alerts. They are a great way to monitor if there is a brand crisis. To set them up, you can head over to your Notifications tab in Account Settings

What is Publish?

Publish is Mention's social media publishing tool that will allow you or your team to schedule automatic posts directly through our platform. Mention will provide a calendar view that organizes all of your team's social accounts in one area. You can utilize this feature for Facebook, Instagram,Twitter , or LinkedIn!

What is Respond?

Respond allows you to reply to direct messages you receive through Twitter and Facebook! This feature allows you to engage with your followers through Mention's platform and provide reactive customer support to your clientele.

What is the Influencers Table?

The Influencer Table is an alternate view of your Mention Alerts that focuses on the key spokespersons. Within the table, Mention will provide you with a list of websites or Twitter profiles that actively utilize the keywords you are searching for in your alerts.

What is the My Influencer List?

The My Influencer List allows you to manually curate lists of Influencers that you find from your Influencer Table. This is a great way to organize different influencers that your team may want to collaborate with for different projects and campaigns!

What are Reports?

Mention offers a total of 10 different Report types in the platform that will allow you to analyze data regarding your Mention Alerts or Social Media. Mention Reports offer a macro-view of your fetched content by providing key insights such as quantity of mentions, sentiment, language or country information, reach, or influence. Depending on your subscription, you can access different reports, edit them, or schedule them out to your teams or clients!

What is QuickChart (previously called Insights Center)?

QuickChart allows you to generate data visualizations based on your alerts in a quick and easy manner! It is a great tool to use if you simply want to check a few KPI's without having to create an entire Report.

What is Net Sentiment Score?

Based on the same logic of the NPS calculation, the Net Sentiment Score offers a metric for quantifying the overall sentiment surrounding the topic you're tracking with your Mention alert. It provides insight into sentiment while reducing the weight of neutral expressions.

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