The Feed works like an inbox. It contains all the mentions from your different alerts, that you can open and view directly in Mention.
It also allows you to organize and manage your mentions: edit Alert, share, mark as favorite, delete, tag, put in a folder etc.

The Feed is composed of 3 main sections: 

1. The Alerts List

An Alert is a subject that you want to monitor. It can be your brand, your product, or any subject of your choice. It will be built around keywords that will be set up.

The first section of your Feed will show you a list of the alerts you have access to.

👉 If you are on a Free or Solo plan, the feed will show all of the alerts you created.

👉 If you are on a team subscription with multiple users utilizing Mention, the feed will show you the alerts you have access to. For access to alerts that are not shared to you, please contact your Mention admins.

Through the alerts list, you can view information about your alert and modify your alert in multiple ways. Let's go over the alerts list below:

When you click on an alert name, you will notice that it opens with multiple options. Here you will see:

  • The name of your alert along with the edit button to modify your alert

  • The number of total mentions in your alert in grey and the number of unread mentions in blue

  • The multiple folders such as inbox, unread, favorites, spam, trash, etc.

  • If you created Tags , you will find a tags folder available

❗Within Mention, you can only open one alert at a time. The other alerts in your list will simply show an alert name, the edit button, total mentions, and an unread mention preview!

Paused Alerts: alerts that are appear faded with an orange symbol are alerts that are currently paused and not monitoring!

2. The Mentions Preview List (for an alert)

The second section covers regrouping the mentions you have collected from your selected Alert. When you open an alert, you will notice the preview list appear with all of the mentions fetched !

A mention is any content that contains the keywords you're monitoring. It can be an article, a tweet, a video, or a post on a social platform.

The Mention Preview will organize your mentions and show you a preview of the content that is fetched. Information such as the title of a post, the source, and URL will provide you with a quick view of content from your alerts!

Here are some specifications about the Mentions Preview List:

  • The mentions preview list will organize your mentions in order by the time a new mention was fetched! New mentions appear at the top while old mentions appear at the bottom

  • Mentions that are bolded signify unread! Feel free to open those and view new content that has been fetched. Once opened, they will be un-bolded to signify you have reviewed them.

  • Mentions with a retweet symbol signify grouped or children mentions.

  • If Sentiment is included in your subscription, mentions will be marked by a positive (green dot) or negative sentiment (red dot). Neutral mentions will not have a symbol for sentiment.

  • When a Tag is applied to a mention, you will see the Tag name appear in the feed

Depending on your Subscription, you can use the list to filter and select your mentions, export the mentions or curate your feed (archive, delete, block a source or add to favorites). To organize your feed better, you can also create Tags and Saved Filter to be more efficient.

3. The Mention Full Display

The third section is the Mention’s Display! The Mention Display will open when you click on a mention from your Preview List. Here, Mention will provide you with the following information:

  • A display of the website or social media platform of your fetched mention with your keywords highlighted

  • A task bar to curate the content in your feed or collaborate with team members. Options include changing sentiment, favoriting a mention, tagging your mention, assigning it to a teammate, or sharing the mention!

  • A section with the URL and influence score of the source

  • For social media mentions, you can reply to content once your social accounts are connected!

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