The Feed works like an inbox. It contains all the mentions from your different alerts, that you can open and view directly in Mention.
It also allows you to organize and manage your mentions: edit Alert, share, mark as favorite, delete, tag, put in a folder etc.

The Feed is composed of 3 main sections: 

1. The Alerts you have set up 

The first section on the left side show you all the alerts you have set up.

An Alert is a subject that you want to monitor. It can be your brand, your product, your market or any subject of your choice. It will be built around keywords that will be set up.

From there, you can edit your Alert to change the settings and manage your mentions through the different subcategories (archives, trash, unread, etc.). You can also use Tags and Smart folders to be more efficient.

2. The mentions you have collected

The second section covers regrouping the mentions you have collected from your selected Alert.

A mention is any content that contains the keywords you're monitoring. It can be an article, a tweet, a video, or a post on a social platform.

Depending on your Subscription, yere you can filter and select your mentions, make an export or curate your feed (archive, delete, block a source or add to favorites).

3. The mention's view

The third section is the mention’s view. Your keywords are highlighted in yellow.
In this section you will be able to view and curate a mention, assign it to a someone, respond or share it on one your social account, change the Sentiment, view the Source information and open the mention in a new tab.

👉 You can find more information about the Feed here: Get started with Alerts & Feed

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