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The Mention Pro plan is designed to provide you and your team with a stack of online monitoring, social media management, and analytic tools. With this subscription, you will be able to monitor any topic on the web, schedule social media posts, and analyze trends regarding the topics you are monitoring. On top of this, the Pro Plan is a collaborative plan that allows you to invite multiple team members so they can access the features in your account as well.

In this article we will go over the features available in your Pro Plan and provide useful resources that will help you get started with Mention. Here is the agenda:

Breakdown of Subscription

The Mention Pro Plan is built for 10 users on the account. Within the subscription, you have access to monitoring features, social media management tools, and analytics. Here is the breakdown of your subscription:

  • Monitor

    • 10 Users

    • 5 Basic Alerts to monitor the web and social media

    • 10,000 mention quota that resets every 30 days

  • Social Media Management

    • If you would like to use Mention's social media management tools, you have the option of connecting up to 10 social media accounts to Mention. Here are the type of accounts that you can connect:

      • Facebook Business Pages

      • Instagram Business Accounts

      • Twitter Accounts

      • LinkedIn Company Pages

    • Once a social account is connected, you will have access to these features:

      • Publish access to organize and schedule social media posts in one area

      • Respond access to reply to direct messages from social media in one area

  • Analytics

    • 5 Reports to review the performance of your alerts and social media accounts. On the Pro Plan, you have access to these reports:

      • Listening Report - review the performance of 1 alert

      • Comparative Report - review the performance of 2 or more alerts

      • Social Analytic Reports - review the performance of your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts

    • Insights Center access to create visual graphs using data from your alerts

    • Mention Dashboard access to review the performance of alerts when you login

    • Influencer Table access to view a table of popular authors from your alerts

    • Influencer List access to build a list of authors that your team has identified

  • Collaboration

    • You can add up to 10 team members to your account with the Guest, User, or Administrative roles. You will have multiple Sharing options for Monitor, SMM, and Analytics after you invite team members. At this time, you can grant access to the following features:

      • Alert Sharing to grant other users the ability to view, edit, and curate alerts.

      • Social Account Sharing to grant other users the access to use your connected social media accounts for Publish or Respond

      • Report Sharing to grant other users the ability to view or delete reports.

    • Publish team management access to oversee your social media publishing tools

    • Quota management access to adjust the specific quota consumption for alerts

  • Optimization

    • Saved Filters and Automatic Tagging options in the Feed

    • Top Mentions Email to provide an overview of your alert performance

    • Spike Notifications whenever your alerts receive a high volume of mentions

    • Publish notifications that will notify you if a post is published or if there is an error

    • Respond notifications to notify you when you receive a direct message

    • Generate RSS Feed links for the alerts in your account at any time.

  • Support

    • Email Support

    • Chatbot support with a Mention Support Agent

    • Help Center access

❗ The Pro Plan does not offer the following features:

  • Standard or Advanced Alerts

  • Data Exports from the Feed & Reports

  • Instant Mention Notifications

  • Integrations with Slack or Zapier

  • Mention API

  • Account Management and Quarterly Business Review

If you would like to learn more about these features, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]

This is the current breakdown of your subscription. In the next few sections, you will learn about the specific features available in your account and how they function:


In your account, the Monitor Feature includes the Basic Alert and access to the Mention Feed. You can utilize the Basic Alert to monitor the web and social media. Once mentions are fetched, the Feed will display your data where you can review your data.

Here is a breakdown of your features:


Basic Alerts:

Basic Alerts will monitor the web for new data after you create an alert. You can use these alerts to monitor your brand, a competitor, or any topic that interests you.

These alerts monitor the web and social media in two ways:

  • Keyword Monitoring: Mention will search for text or phrases that you write in your alert. If the text or phrases appear in a web post or social media post, it will be brought into your Feed.

  • Monitored Pages: Within your alert, you can add the URL of social media accounts and review websites. Any time these accounts or review sites post, Mention will fetch the post into your account.

Through a Mention Alert, you can monitor the following Sources:

  • Web : general public websites

  • News : local and major news websites

  • Blogs : minor and major blog websites across the web

  • Forums : minor and major forum websites across the web

  • Reddit : public sub-reddits

  • Videos: public video hosting sites

  • Facebook: posts from public business pages from the social media platform

  • Twitter : public tweets from the social media platform

  • Instagram: public posts from the social media platform

❗ On the Pro Plan, you cannot monitor these sources:

If you would like to learn more about these features, please contact [email protected].

💡 Once you are ready to begin monitoring the web and social media, you can get started with these articles:


Mention Feed

Once you begin fetching data, you will have access to the Mention Feed. The Feed is where you will be able to review all of the mentions that you've received on your alerts.

The Feed is built like an email inbox where you can navigate through your alerts, preview mentions, and curate your content:

As you navigate the Feed, you can review all of online publications that are posting about the topics you are monitoring. On your subscription, the Feed is going to be your main area for reviewing content that is relevant to your monitoring needs.

💡 Once you create an Alert, you will be able to access the Feed. To learn more about the Feed, check these articles out:

Social Media Management

The next main features available in the Pro plan are Publish and Respond which will be your resources for social media management. Once you connect a social account to Mention, you will have direct access to these two features.

Here is a breakdown of your features:



Publish is Mention's social media publishing tool that allows you to organize schedule content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn:

Mention Publish Homepage

You can use Publish with your team to oversee social media campaigns from multiple platforms in one shared calendar. Publish is comprised of these features on your plan:

  • The Content Calendar where you can schedule social media posts

  • The Draft folder where you can store content that is not finalized

  • The Approval Workflow which allows you to implement a review process for posts between you and your team members.

  • The Content Library where you can upload multimedia to use for your posts

  • After a post is published, you can review the performance analytics of your content.



You can utilize Respond to conduct community management with your team on Facebook and Twitter. Respond allows you to reply to direct messages from these platforms directly through Mention:

Respond is built like a messenger inbox where you can sift through your conversations, engage with messages, and review profile information of the accounts that message you.

On your account, you will receive the following notifications from Respond:

  • Direct messages from Twitter or Facebook accounts

  • For Facebook, Respond will also fetch comments and posts that users share on your Facebook Business Page's wall.

💡Once you connected a Facebook Business Page or Twitter account to Mention, you can access Respond's inbox with your teammates. To learn more about Respond, check out these articles:


On the Pro Plan, you will have access to the Reports, Insights Center, Mention Dashboard, and Influencer Dashboard to support you and your team. You can use these tools to review graphs and specific metrics regarding your Mention Alerts and connected social media accounts.

Below, you can see a breakdown of each feature:

💡For a full and comprehensive overview of Analytics, check out this article:



Mention Reports are comprehensive dashboards where you can review trends and analytics about your Mention Alerts or Social Accounts:

On the Pro Plan, you will have access to 5 report templates available for your account:

  • Listening Report: review the performance of 1 Mention Alert

  • Comparative Report: compare the performance of multiple alerts

  • Social Analytic Reports (for Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram): review analytic metrics about your connected social media accounts.

You can utilize these reports to analyze specific trends and make informed decisions about the topics you are monitoring.

💡 Once you are ready to create and review your Reports, check out these articles:


Insights Center

You can utilize the Insights Center to create instant graphs of specific metrics that you would like to review:

With the Insights Center, you can choose the alerts, metrics, and visualizations that you want to review. Once graphs are created, you can engage with them to review the mentions that comprises your data.

💡 Once you are ready to create your graphs, you can check out these articles:


Mention Dashboard:

The Dashboard will be the center of analytics for your active alerts on Mention. When you login to your account, you will be brought to the Dashboard to view the performance of your alerts using visual graphs:

You have the option of modifying the alerts that you see and the time period of your Dashboard at any time and Mention will save these preferences every time you login.

💡To learn more about specific metrics displayed in the dashboard, please head over to this article:


Influencer Dashboard

The Influencer Dashboard will provide you with an overview of authors that are mentioning the keywords you are monitoring in your alerts:

The Dashboard is divided into two tabs:

  • The Influencer Table which will show you a list of authors from the Web and Twitter.

  • The Influencer List which will allow you to organize the authors into different lists.

With the Influencer Dashboard, you will have a new perspective of your Mention Alerts through the lens of the authors posting about your keywords.

💡 To learn more about the Influencer Dashboard, please check out these articles:

Collaborate with Team Members

On the Pro Plan, you have dedicated features for team collaboration. You can use these features to share data, assign tasks, and restrict permissions among your team members.

In your account, you can add up to 10 team members to join Mention. These team members can be categorized into the following roles:

  • Administrators: These accounts have full access to the platform and billing settings. They can also manage and oversee the other team members.

  • Users: These accounts can use the features that are included in your subscription but cannot access the account's billing information or manage other users.

  • Guest: These accounts have view-only access to the platform and cannot engage with the features included in your subscription.

💡If you would like to learn more about each role and their specific access, please check out this article:

Below, you can review the collaborative features available to you after you have added new team members:


Alerts & the Feed

  • You can share or restrict access to Mention Alerts at any time.

  • If you share an alert, your team members will be able to view, edit, or delete the alert.

  • Team members will also be able to curate the mentions in the alert by favoriting, archiving, or deleting them any time.

  • You can assign mentions to your team members and give them a specific task.

🧠 Once added to Mention, your team members under the User and Admin role will be able to create alerts in your account. Please note that the quota for your account is divided among your team members.

If you would like to manage the quota consumption of alerts created by you or your team ,you can check out this article:


Social Media Management

  • You can share or restrict access to your connected Social Accounts at any time.

  • Team members will be able to create, edit, and delete social media posts on Publish for the accounts they have access to.

  • Team Members will be able to reply to direct messages on Respond if they have access to a Facebook page or Twitter account.

  • Team members can create Social Account Analytic Reports if they have access to a Facebook page, Twitter account, or Instagram Business Account.

🧠 Mention Tip:

You can utilize the Approval Workflow to approve or deny posts that are created by your team members on Publish. This is a great way to manage your content calendar with multiple users on the account.



  • You can share or restrict access to you Reports in your account.

  • If a team member has access to a report, they can view the data, change the title of the report or delete the report entirely.

  • Team members can also create reports on their own Mention accounts as well.


Within your Pro Plan, you will have access to optimization features such as filters, email notifications, and integrations. Below, you will see a breakdown of these features:


Mention Feed - Saved Filters

Within the Feed, you have access to multiple data filters to adjust the view of your mentions. If you create a filter that you particularly like, you can store it as a Saved Filter in your alert. Saved Filters are time-savers because they will remain in your Feed at all times and you can access them as soon as you log into Mention with ease.

💡 To create a Saved Filter, check this article out:


Mention Feed - Automatic Tags

While Saved Filters organizes mentions by data filters, you can use Automatic Tags to organize mentions by the text that appears in the publications.

Within your Alert Settings, you can create an Automatic Tag to mark any mentions that use particular words or phrases. In your Feed, these marked tags will appear in a dedicated folder for you to review at any time.

💡To create an Automatic Tag, please check out this article:


RSS Feeds

Within a Mention Alert, you can generate an RSS Feed URL to distribute your mentions to an eternal platform.

You can activate this URL or disable it at any time through Alert Settings.

💡 To generate the RSS Feed URL, you can check this article out:


Email Notifications

Within the Solo plan, you have access to multiple notification resources. Mention will send you the following emails to the email address on file:

  • Top Mentions Analytics: receive insights regarding the performance of your alerts and social media posts from Publish.

  • Mention Spike: you will be notified if your alert's begin to pick up a high volume of mentions. If you are monitoring your brand, this could indicate a brand crisis.

  • Publish Notifications: Mention will notify you when a post is successfully published or if there is an error with your post.

  • Respond Notifications: if receive a message from social media, Mention will notify you.

💡 If you would like to activate these optimization features in your account, you can head over to your Account Settings tab. You can activate or disable these email notifications at any time! To learn more, check out this article:


❗On the Pro Plan, you do not have access to these optimization features:

  • Instant Mentions: receive an email when a new mention appears in the Feed.

  • SMS Notifications: receive a text when a Spike occurs.

  • Integrations for Slack & Zapier: connect your Mention Alerts to these tools.

  • API: Access the Mention API to fetch data to another platform.

If you would like to learn more, please contact [email protected].

Thank you! If you have any questions, please refer to the following resources for your plan:

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